Scarf Color (click to download discussion)ChallengeAge Requirement (by Aug 1)Previous Scarf Req
Grayto be a good citizen and helpful camper.under 12none
Gray +1 shieldto be a good citizen, helpful camper, and a true friend.under 12gray
Gray +2 shieldsto be a good citizen, helpful camper, a true friend, and a good example to others.under 12gray +1 shield
Gray +3 shieldsto be a good citizen, helpful camper, a true friend, a good example to others, and accept some responsibility to be a leader.under 12gray +2 shields
Blueof loyalty to god, country, the community of nations, one’s best self, and the scarf creed.12+none
Greenof the acceptance of a rededication to a christian way of life.13blue
Brownfor a christian way of life.14+blue
Goldfor a deeper understanding and concern for others.15brown
Redtoward sacrifice of time, talent, and personal will.16+brown
Purplea dedication to high and noble living in whatever christian service opportunities that come your way.18+red
Whitededication of your life to christian service, especially in the area of youth service.21+purple

CSA 2021 Covid-19 Live Update

As we near Camp St. Andrews' 2021 session, we'll be posting any critical updates with regard to the ever-changing Covid-19 pandemic. This notice will also be updated during the week of camp, should anything of concern occur.

For more information on CSA's Covid-19 risk mitigation policies & procedures, click the button below.

CSA 2021 COVID-19 Info