Scarf Color (click to download discussion) Challenge Age Requirement (by Aug 1) Previous Scarf Req
Gray to be a good citizen and helpful camper. under 12 none
Gray +1 shield to be a good citizen, helpful camper, and a true friend. under 12 gray
Gray +2 shields to be a good citizen, helpful camper, a true friend, and a good example to others. under 12 gray +1 shield
Gray +3 shields to be a good citizen, helpful camper, a true friend, a good example to others, and accept some responsibility to be a leader. under 12 gray +2 shields
Blue of loyalty to god, country, the community of nations, one’s best self, and the scarf creed. 12+ none
Green of the acceptance of a rededication to a christian way of life. 13 blue
Brown for a christian way of life. 14+ blue
Gold for a deeper understanding and concern for others. 15 brown
Red toward sacrifice of time, talent, and personal will. 16+ brown
Purple a dedication to high and noble living in whatever christian service opportunities that come your way. 18+ red
White dedication of your life to christian service, especially in the area of youth service. 21+ purple

CSA 2021 Covid-19 Live Update

As we near Camp St. Andrews' 2021 session, we'll be posting any critical updates with regard to the ever-changing Covid-19 pandemic. This notice will also be updated during the week of camp, should anything of concern occur.

All eligible participants will be required to be fully vaccinated in time for camp. Please contact us at or with questions or concerns.

For more information on CSA's Covid-19 risk mitigation policies & procedures, click the button below.

CSA 2021 COVID-19 Info