Camp St. Andrews — San Bruno

July 21-27, 2024

Charter buses depart from San Bruno and Pleasanton

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About our Bay Area Summer Camp

Founded in 1970, Camp St. Andrews
San Bruno is a one-week-long, sleepaway, Bay Area summer camp for kids eight and up.

Ultimate summer camp experience
 might be considered a subjective description, but more importantly, it starts with “U.”

Nestled in the heart of the Sierra-Nevada
Mountains, at a place where granite masses and thick conifer forests preside on a mountain face, Camp St. Andrews is held at 6,000 feet in elevation – the perfect location for a High Sierra summer camp adventure. We pride ourselves on bringing out the beauty in all who attend, creating memories, stories, lifelong friends, wilderness awareness, and the urge to relive it for years to come.

Vibrant staff

Meet Our Leadership

Matthew McGeorge
Matthew McGeorge
Camp Director; CLC Chair 2023
First year at Camp St. Andrews: 1992 (as Junior Unit camper) Staff positions held: PA, CIT, Counselor, Unit Director, Campfire Director, Spirit...
Michael Paoli
Michael Paoli
Michael first attended CSA as a 10-year-old Intermediate, returning every year thereafter until he was 21. In 2013 he returned to CSA along with...
Denora Smith
Denora Smith
Scarf Director
First year at Camp St. Andrews: 2000 Bio: Seventeen years ago, I was invited by a close family friend to come join this summer camp that she...
Tiffany Egli
Tiffany Egli
Archery Director
First year at Camp St. Andrews: 1995 Bio: First attended from 1995-2002, baby hiatus: 2002-2011, returned 2011, and has been director of CSA's...
Brig Summers
Brig Summers
CLC Member-at-Large 2023-2025
First year at Camp St. Andrews: 1970s Staff positions held: Pretty much all of them, from Archery to Camp Director Bio: Among other...

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Buses depart from San Bruno and Pleasanton