CSA 2021 – Let’s go back to camp!!

CSA 2021 – Let’s go back to camp!!

Camp St. Andrews San Bruno is open for camper registrations and staff applications! Secure your spot today!!

Here’s a quick FAQ:

Q: Is CSA 2021 definitely, absolutely, for-sure happening?

 A: We’re pretty sure, fairly certain, and all indications at present point to YES. Of course, there’s always a possibility that public health circumstances change, but thankfully, that’s looking less and less likely! On the off chance we have to … (don’t say it, don’t even think it!) c*ncel camp this year, all registration and camp fees are fully refundable this year.

Q: What are you doing to ensure everyone will be safe/healthy this year?

 A: Very good question! This is what the Camp Leadership Committee (CLC) and our Covid-19 subcommittee have been discussing more than anything else, all year long.

  1. We are requiring 100% of our staff to be fully vaccinated.
  2. We are requiring ALL vaccine-eligible attendees to be fully vaccinated in time for camp (currently, this includes the Senior units (ages 12-13), the Leader Trainees aka LTs (ages 14-15), and Counselors-in-Training aka CITs (ages 16-17).
  3. We are requiring negative Covid tests within 72 hours prior to our Staff & LT Training Day (July 17), and will be asking all attendees (especially unvaccinated campers) to quarantine themselves from travel/group activities for 10 days prior to camp.
  4. We will be conducting Covid-19 rapid tests prior to camp/bus entrance.
  5. Camp attendees will remain onsite at the camp facility for the entire week of camp, and no unapproved guests will be allowed onsite.
  6. We are requiring masks for all passengers on the bus rides up and down.
  7. We have an emergency operations procedure in place should an attendee present symptoms and/or test positive for Covid-19 at camp (you can read our full Covid-19 document here: https://www.campstandrews.org/covid/).

Q: Will everyone have to wear masks around camp the whole time?

 A: Due to the increasing understanding of Covid-19 transmission methods/locations/etc., evolving guidelines from government agencies, and the mostly outdoor nature of our camp facility, we will not be requiring mask-wearing at most camp areas.

We want to ensure every attendee and parent fully understands all of the above, including the fact that mask-wearing will be very limited and that the Junior (ages 8-9) and Intermediate (ages 10-11) attendees will likely be unvaccinated at camp. Our registrations team is available to discuss any additional questions or concerns you have about CSA 2021 so that you can make an informed decision for your family. Email the team at registrations@campsaintandrews.org or call (650) 445-4555.

We hope to see everyone back this year, but understand that some will have to wait until next year. For the latter: you will be missed, but your bunk will still be here for you at CSA 2022!


Camp St. Andrews San Bruno 2021 FlyerCamp St. Andrews 2021 Flyer(Click to download full image)