CSA Covid-19 Safety Measures

Camp St. Andrews Covid-19 Safety

The below document contains CSA’s policy guidelines regarding Covid-19 safety measures and policies. Our Camp Leadership Committee (CLC) will be updating its content to reflect the most current guidance and best practices, as well as the policies of our critical partners and vendors (such as the camp facility and bus company). If you have concerns or suggestions about any of the document’s contents, please let us know. E-mail info@campsaintandrews.org.

Addendum: All eligible participants will be required to be fully vaccinated in time for camp. Please contact us at info@campsaintandrews.org or registrations@campsaintandrews.org with questions or concerns.

Please note: Due to the increasing understanding of Covid-19 transmission methods/locations/etc., evolving guidelines from government agencies, and the mostly outdoor nature of our camp facility, we will not be requiring mask-wearing at most camp areas.