Staff Liaisons needed for CSA 2020 Leadership Committee


Were you a Leader Trainee or on the counseling staff (U.D., Counselor or CIT) in 2019? Would you like to participate in the planning of CSA 2020? Come join the Camp Leadership Committee for Camp St. Andrews’ 50th Anniversary Year!

So what’s a Staff Liaison? Basically, you help plan camp for the year, have an official voice/vote on all the big (and small) decisions, and get to learn about everything that goes into prepping for camp, setting yourself up for future leadership positions at camp!

Also note that CSA is a full-fledged non-profit corporation, and being a member of its leadership committee looks great on a resume or college application!

There are currently three Staff Liaison positions open for the 2020 CSA CLC.

If you are interested in being considered for one of the three openings, please send an email to no later than 5pm, Jan. 10, 2020.

Staff Liaison elections will be held at the upcoming CLC meeting – Jan. 11, 2020 – 10 a.m. – St. Andrews Church – 1600 Santa Lucia Ave, San Bruno, CA. 94066.

Job description from our charter:

The Camp Staff Liaison shall…

  • Be a member of the Camp Community who served as an L.T. or cabin staff member (Counselor, CIT, UD) during the previous year’s camp session.
  • Be elected by the Camp Leadership Committee by a majority vote.
  • Attend all Camp Leadership Committee meetings in 2020 (*Note that we have remote online/call-in option for those who cannot attend in person, and it’s acceptable to miss a meeting or two if advance notice is given*).
  • Be responsible for representing the needs and wishes of the Camp Community, other staff members, and LTs.
  • Take direction from the Camp Leadership Committee for issues directly related to their Camp Leadership Committee involvement and the responsibilities associated with their membership in any subcommittees, provided the direction is not in direct conflict with CSA’s mission.
  • Take direction from the Camp Director for all camp issues, provided the direction is not in direct conflict with CSA’s mission.
  • If required, have passed a background check.

We hope you’ll join us!


The Camp St. Andrews 2020 Leadership Committee

CSA 2021 Covid-19 Live Update

As we near Camp St. Andrews' 2021 session, we'll be posting any critical updates with regard to the ever-changing Covid-19 pandemic. This notice will also be updated during the week of camp, should anything of concern occur.

All eligible participants will be required to be fully vaccinated in time for camp. Please contact us at or with questions or concerns.

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