Leader Trainee


Our Leader Trainees have a role that is best suited for that special and magical age of being 14 or 15 at camp and are a little too old to be just campers, but too young to be in charge of children just yet. They have an inbetweener type role: still sleep in cabins (by gender, up to 10 per cabin) and have a counselor and/or a Unit Director supervising them, still work as a group for skits and songs, and form a bond as a collective unit. Because they are considered staff, they are also put to work. They are assigned to program areas during the day to assist with camper activities, and learn leadership skills by interacting directly with campers (age 8-13). They help at Arts & Crafts, Rocks & Ropes, the pool, Frisbee Golf, etc., and any new programs launched that year. They do the camper luggage detail on arrival and departure days, help set up the campfire, and execute many of the fun activities that we plan for the week. We often hear from staff members, “My L.T. years were amazing.”



    • 14/15 years old, with or without previous experience at Camp St. Andrews.
    • Must be able to work with campers and staff and assist Program Directors.
    • Should be able to readily accept suggestions and directions from the adult staff.


Job Description

    • Assist the program staff in the various activities
    • Shall have the privileges of a camper when not given specific assignment
    • Must give up other programs while assigned to a specific activity as a Leader Trainee
    • Be responsible for their own conduct
    • May be required to work with a Counselor and/or Counselor-in-Training (C.I.T) instead of the program staff, as needed.
    • Shall be responsible to the program staff as well as the unit staff as it is a learning role to assist with activity instruction