A Letter from the Director…

A Letter from the Director…

August, 2022

Dear CSA Family and Community,

I want to thank everybody for contributing to the 2022 CSA Summer Camp! We created 51 weeks of stories to share with friends and family. We walked with nature and learned. We performed and cheered others on. We laughed until we cried. We listened to each other and made new friends. We challenged ourselves and made new memories. We became a community of creativity, experiences, and kindness. We did all the above in one week, thanks to the incredible efforts of staff and volunteers — and most importantly — the campers, who took a chance on a weeklong summer adventure in the Sierras.

I was gratified each day watching campers grow together, Leader Trainees supporting each other, Program Staff making every session special for campers, and the Counseling Staff carrying the majority of CSA on their shoulders. This was my first year as Director, and it was an honor seeing the CSA staff making this year the best year ever for campers (of course, until next year).

On that note, we will soon hold our annual election, at which our community selects the following year’s Camp Director, Medical Director, Scarf Director, Chaplain, Registrar, and one Member-at-Large (three-year term). This election is extremely important as it ensures that the Camp Leadership Committee truly represents the many voices of our camp community, so we hope to see everyone at the meeting (be it in-person or online). The meeting will be held at 10 a.m. on Oct. 8, 2022. Anyone who has held a position on the Camp Leadership Committee or attended camp in a staff or LT position in the past three years may vote.

If you would like to nominate yourself for any of 2023’s community-elected positions, please send an email to nominations@campsaintandrews.org. Self-nominations must be received no later than Friday, September 9, 2022.

In October, after the community-elected members have been elected, those interested in a Camp Director-appointed position (Asst. Camp Director, Operations Director, Spirit Director, Program Director, Archery Director, and Bookkeeper) will be able to submit their self-nominations. Requirements and job descriptions for all community-elected and director-appointed CLC positions can be found here.

The tentative schedule summary for 2022-2023 camp events and meetings can be found here. All are invited (and encouraged!) to attend meetings. Links to join CLC meetings that are conducted exclusively via video conference can be found in the public CSA Event Calendar.

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who made CSA 2022 so much fun, especially the CAMPERS who make all our efforts worth it. And my eternal gratitude goes out to all the staff who have made my first year as director so enjoyable.


Matthew McGeorge
Camp Director, 2022

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