Alyssa Winn

Alyssa Winn

Camp Board Member-at-Large


Brief info

First year at Camp St. Andrews: 2000 (Senior Unit camper)
Staff positions held: PA, CIT, Counselor, Unit Director, Nature Co-Director, Spirit Director

Starting out as senior girl camper, Alyssa has worn many hats at camp, from Program Aide to Spirit Director. Although she hasn't made it up to the mountains in a few years, Alyssa is dedicated to contributing to camp behind the scenes as a CSA Board Member-at-Large. She loves surrounding herself with the camp life all year round, and watching the plans unfold and flourish. Back down in the real world, Alyssa is a speech therapist who gets to use the encyclopedia of songs she learned at Camp St. Andrews in her daily life - so, really, camp is always with her.